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Become the most healthy, relaxed & radiant you!

Life & Vitality Coaching

Health on a physical, mental, emotional, energetic & spiritual level and how to integrate this in your daily life.

Workshops, trainings & retreats. In depth journey towards a healthy, relaxed and meaningful lifestyle

What does Move in Health offer?

Everybody is unique. Together we look to your needs and will make a personalized plan. This can be a short term or long term plan. I prefer to work minimal 3 months with you, so we really establish a profound change in your life.

Who is this for?

If you want a more healthy lifestyle or have certain physical or emotional problems.

More Details

Would you like to live more healthy?

Do you eat healthy but feel tired?

Do you not have enough time for a healthy lifestyle?

Do you find healthy living too complex?

Would you like to deepen your knowledge about healthy living?

Do you feel stressed?

Do you feel depressed?

Do you have skin problems?

Do you have a painful body/back?

Do you feel exhausted/burn out?

Do you feel (high) sensitive?

Do you recognise anything of the above? I would love to help you towards a more healthy lifestyle

A Miniretreat, Coaching or Experience:

Miniretreat (3 hours)

More Details

3 hour personally tailored retreat.


Movement (Yoga, Chi Kung, Dance)

Ayurvedic consult


Tips & Tricks for @ home

A miniretreat to be deeply nourished and come home to yourself.


2 Weeks Coaching

More Details

2 * 45 minute session (live/online)

Email/whatsapp support


Movement Exercises

Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle

Extra: massage or coaching


3 Months Experience

More Details

Weekly 45 minute session (live/online)

Weekly health checkup

Weekly meditations

Weekly movement excercises

Weekly health tips & tricks

Email/whatsapp support

Ayurvedic consult

Personalized Healthy Lifestyle plan

Extra: massage



About Me

Since 25+ years I have been on a journey of Healthy Living, personally and professionaly. It is one of my biggest passions to inspire and support people towards a more healthy lifestyle.


“Eva is such a relaxed and wise being. She works very intuitively and for years already she has been a big inspiration for me” 

“I see Eva as one of my biggest examples of healthy living. I can’t wait to start with her online program.” 

“With Eva I feel always in good hands. She is a very loving woman which you can feel in her presence and touch.” 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start with your Healthy Lifestyle Today!