Upcoming Events

4-8 february 2024

Weekretreat: Stressreduction. With yoga, breath and lifestyle 

8-12 may 2024

Natural leadership:

Transformational retreat with breathing sessions, martial arts, yoga, nature and more.

Together with Jeroen Heindijk

13-16 may 2024

Weekretreat: Transformation: Yoga, breath, martial arts and sweatlodge

2-8 september 2024

Yoga and mountain retreat in Switzerland

Last retreats

Above are the planned activities.

Below are activities that re-planned every year.

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Weekend retreat

Long weekend retreat in the beautifull Zeeland with inspiring workshops, sauna & more

Yoga & (ayurveda)Lifestyle 


Several workshops:

Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Embodiment “Back to your own nature”

Retreats & Trainings

We organise all kinds of retreats. Above you find some and also it is possible to organise a custom made or mini retreat or ceremony for you!

Coaching & Journey

Do you prefer to book your personal coaching and really want to go on a journey towards a more healthy lifestyle?


Eva Willemijn Visser is the founder of Move in Health. Click on the link for more information or book a session with her. Also it is possible to book an introductory call.