Retreats & Trainings

A Training, Week(end) Retreat or Day Retreat


Would you like to


Deepen your process,

Nourish yourself,

Get back home to yourself, your heart and your body?

A retreat can offer you all of this and much more.

You  can choose a prescribed program or a custom made program, a day retreat or a ceremony.

Would you like to go deeper and really change your life?

Then the Natural Leadership Training could be a wonderful training for you.


This training is given together with Jeroen Heindijk: 30+ years training and teaching in Martial Arts and working closely with the power of (our) nature.

A Tansformative training with Sweatlodge, Breathing Sessions, Martial Arts, Movement and the power of Nature.

A deepening of your relationship with your own true nature.

Learn to listen to your own natural leadership and move from there into the world.

This intensive offers new insights, deepening of knowledge, transformation, healing and also relaxation.


In an absolute beautiful places in Zeeland (the Netherlands) I organize together with FIT Body & Mind wonderful retreats, all year long. Yoga retreats, Tai-chi, Ecstatic Dance, Massage & Women retreats.

I give Mindful Yoga Retreats, Womens Retreats, Stress Reduction Retreats and Yoga & Lifestyle Retreats

The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, has their own wellness area, a (herbal) garden and a nice fire place. 

Custom made retreat

Would you like to organize your own retreat with a group or organize a private retreat? This is all possible.

We can design a retreat together according to your wishes. A beautiful retreat in nature with all the ingredients for you to be inspired, to recharge, to learn, to dive deep, to get connected, to relax.

If you would like to know more, please get into contact!


Eva Willemijn Visser

25+ years of experience.

A healthy lifestyle