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I feel TIRED and would love to have more ENERGY

You can choose for a mini retreat to boost yourself with more energy. Recommended is an Ayurvedic consultation and from there see what is needed for your lifestyle change.

I feel STRESSED and would love to be more RELAXED

Come for a mini retreat and get more relaxed. Stress is something that needs changes in the root of your lifestyle. Recommended is a minimum of 3 months of supported lifestyle change.

I would love to take GREAT CARE of myself and would love to know how

Yes! you are exactly ay the right place. In the live and online experiences you learn extensively about how to take greta care of your beautiful Body, Mind & Soul.

I live HEALTHY but know I could do this even BETTER

A lot of people think they live healthy, but actually they do not live healthy or could live much more healthy. Every BODY is different and according to your circumstances you need to look to what supports you in your health RIGHT NOW. You can choose for the online program or the supported program by Health Expert Eva herself.

I have very little time, but want a more HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

In these times health becomes more and more important. A healthy Body, Mind & Soul gives your life a totally different flavor. And yes, in these times it often seems impossible to take time for healthy habits. But this can change! With a personalized plan and great support for an extended period you can bring more health into your life. Yes! it is possible!

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Temporarily discounted price, normally  €295


More Details

Retraite op maat, 4 uur.

Meditatie, Beweging (Yoga Chi Kung, Dans), Ayurvedisch consult, Massage, Tips voor Thuis

Een miniretraite om deep gevoed te worden en thuis te komen bij jezelf.

2 Week Coaching

Temporarily discounted price, normally  €650


More Details

2 * 45 minute session (live/online), Email/whatsapp support, Meditations, Movement Exercises, Tips & Tricks for a Healthy Lifestyle. 

Extra: massage of coaching

3 Months Experience

Temporarily discounted price, normally  €3250



More Details

Weekly 45 minute session (live/online),  Weekly health checkup, Weekly meditations, Weekly movement excercises, Weekly health tips & tricks, Email/whatsapp support, Ayurvedic consult, Personalized Healthy Lifestyle plan

Extra: massage

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