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6 month journey

Weekly 60 or 90 minute session (online/live)

Weekly health checkup

Weekly meditations

Weekly movement excercises

Weekly health tips & tricks

Email/whatsapp support

Ayurvedic consult

Personalized Healthy Lifestyle plan

3000 euro 

3 month journey

Weekly 60 or 90 minute session (online/live)

Healthy Lifestyle plan

Email/whatsapp support

Movement exercises


Ayurvedic consult

Extra: massage or coaching

1650 euro


3,5 hours personally tailored retreat.

Meditation, Movement (Yoga, Chi Kung, Dance), Ayurvedic consult, Massage, Tips & Tricks for @ home

A miniretreat to be deeply nourished and come home to yourself

250 euro 

coaching/ session

1 hour session/coaching

Live or online 

85 euro

If you book 5 or 10 sessions you receive a reduced price

I always take the time for you and your session


Frequently Asked

Can I also book a 1 hour session?

Yes of course this is also possible. And you can also always add an extra session to your journey with me. As a change in lifestyle does not happen in 1 hour, I recommend longer journeys with me in which I really help you towards a more healthy lifestyle. 

Can you teach me more about Ayurveda?

Yes, one of my biggest passions is Ayurveda. I am an Ayurvedic Health Consultant and together we can look to your Dosha and how to adapt your food and lifestyle to bring your Dosha, Body and Life into balance.

Do you also organise longer retreats?

Yes I organise women retreats and also give Yoga & Lifestyle retreats. Please get into contact with me for more details.

I already live healthy, could this also be something for me?

Oh yes for sure! Often we think we live healthy. But there are so many different ideas about what is healthy for us, that it is sometimes hard to find out what is actually good for us. We are all different and in these journeys we really find out what works for YOU!

I do not have so much time, could this work for me?

Yes, we take small, but efficient, steps towards a more healthy lifestyle. So also when you have a busy life, we will design this in such a way that you redesign your life within a few months. Yes, this will not be done in a few days. But if you stick with this, I assure you a beautiful change in your life!


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