A healthy and vital body, mind & soul

Embody your true essence & power








Take great care of yourself!

Learn to embody your own inner power &

get into contact with your true inner wisdom.

Do you want to live a more balanced or relaxed life?

Do you want to live more passionately/from your heart?

Do you want to get into contact with your own inner wisdom and power?

What are your passions? Why are you here?

We work on how you can get into your true inner power, into contact with your unique inner wisdom.

We look at your current life, what is blocking you and what changes could be made in your current life.

How can you become more balanced.


coaching/ Journey

Every coaching/journey is unique. We work on how you:

Get into your true inner power.

Get into contact with your unique inner wisdom.

Become more balanced.

Receive more flow in your life.

In a coaching/journey we will look at where in your life or body are blockages and how you can create more flow, balance & power in your life and body.

You can choose 1 session or a series of sessions: A Journey. Preferably I work with you for a minimum of 3 months, to really establish profound changes in your life. 


The body is such an incredible system which we really have to learn to understand and work with. In a Deep Essence session I work with touch and sound. 

Do you have specific themes popping up again and again in your life? 

Do you feel tired or experience stress or pain in your body? 

Would you like to get into a better contact with your body?

In a session I use several massage techniques, Reiki, Shamanism & sound.

“Incredible sessions, right to the core”


Do you want to live a more healthy life?

Do you live healthy but still feel tired or have a lack of energy?

We all want to live more healthy, but what is good for you?

What is good for one person, is not necessarily also good for another person. We are all different.

I work a lot from the Ayurvedic perspective (a very old Indian wisdom). One of the fields of knowledge of Ayurveda is nutrition and self-care.  We look at “how your body is doing right now”. And what changes you could make in your diet and daily routine to create better health.

Change does not happen overnight. Be patient. And profound changes can happen.


Eva Willemijn Visser

25+ years of experience.

A healthy lifestyle